Wednesday, February 25, 2009


My name use to be Rochelle Hall...........not Monty Hall (from the old show Lets Make a Deal). But I swear, sometimes I feel like I'm always cutting a deal with someone in my life...husband, kids, and clients. Can I just say that clients are the worst! Especially in the insurance industry. Today, I got an email from someone who wanted a quote, but also wanted me to guarantee them (in writing...I might add) that their insurance will never go up! Okay first of all....what planet are you on! Would you like me to write it in blood? And when does anything ever go down in life? (I just thought of one thing...but I won't even go there!) Anyways.....back to the subject! Where do people think they can boss and bully others around by "making" them guarantee something? That is just not going to happen. Do you go to Safeway and demand a letter that the price of milk will never go up....or produce.....or the price of deli meat? The price is what it is! And the only reason why I'm telling this story is because a lot of people have been missing my blog writing and I had to think of something. Although, I am honored that so many people cared about my blog because I was feeling like no one was reading it! So thanks! And I want you to write me a letter guaranting that you will be my faithful blog reader forever! Now, that's a deal!