Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Just a couple of updates on the Gregori clan...I completed the Asti Bike Tour this last Saturday..the 50K. Next year, I vow to do the 100K. No major mishaps, except for the fact that my shoes wouldn't unclick from the bike pedals and I had to biff it, in front of the "professional" bike riders, sporting their air dynamic bikes and apparel! Embarrassing! Tina cracked me up because she decided that two guys were going too slow up a steep hill and she passed them up...that was my highlight! It was such a wonderful time and great accomplishment to do it with a group of friends. Of course, I didn't have my camera - I can't ride a bike and photograph at the same time.

Sent the kids back to their old school in Sebastopol this week. Sigh of relief! I guess I had to put them back in Cloverdale, to realize where they truly needed to be. The commute isn't as bad as I remember it...although it does get old. The kids were so excited to see their old friends. Brandon has decided he is going to be part of the school band and play the Saxophone - Lord give me patience already!

The kids both decided on their Halloween costumes - Brandon a rock star (can't wait to get pictures on that one) and Gianna...you guessed it...a princess. Such their personalities. And me..A witch...and yep...that's my personality! ha ha

Friday, October 2, 2009

Why Moms Have Rules?

Every night, I have the kids help make their lunches. Why didn't they tell me in Lamaze class, when I was pregnant, that this would be part of my parenting duties? I may have reconsidered having children, just for that reason. Not to mention, making lunches is the worst labor pains ever! I dread it....what to put in the stuffy sweaty vinyl box? I have to make sure their lunches are well rounded. I don't put 20 cookies and a soda in it..although there are days, that would be so simple! A fruit, a sandwich, pretzels...all the things that teachers want to see. So, last night, after gathering the lunches together, I told the kids to put them in the refrigerator. Simple request, I know. Then I walked away. Fast forward 10 hours with the rising sun. Open the refrigerator. "Wow guys! You already put your lunches in your backpacks? That's great." "Yeah mom, we put them in their last night." Oh, okay! So you think that mayo on that sandwich will not rot? Or what about that yogurt? Did you really want cottage cheese? Why do I waste my time, giving you a rule, if you are going to do what you want anyway?