Monday, September 29, 2008

My Friend Madelyn!

Happy Birthday to you, Madelyn! I could never pinpoint when we actually became friends. We passed each other so often in life and just never made that connection. Until we finally were forced to become friends since our husbands were best friends. And how long did it take us to say we were good friends, besides always explaining that our husbands were friends? I think we do more together then they do. And what do I love about you? You are real! I never have to guess what you are feeling or thinking. You say what needs to be said in a diplomatic way. I also love the fact that when we haven't talked for weeks, I can pick up the phone, and we are right where we left off. You let people be who they are without judging them. I love you for that. And the kids.....oh the kids! You crack me up when it comes to motherhood. You even tell your kids how its going to be! So...Happy Birthday to MY friend Madelyn, who I wished lived closer!

Friday, September 26, 2008

Humor in the Unexpected

Yesterday, was a challenging day. The school called and said that Gianna had thrown up. I was right in the middle of an important call and had a client waiting in the lobby. Being a mom and working at the same time is quite a challenge and gives a whole new meaning to multi-tasking. I went into overdrive, dealt with the moment, and flew to the school like Wonder Woman. I still had stuff to do at work, so I brought her back with me. I set her down at my desk with every type of coloring supply known to a 5 year old. We all know that five years olds are egocentric and she kept interrupting me, while I was on the phone. Before I picked up the phone to talk to my client, I said, "Gianna, you can't interrupt mommy right now because I have to talk to a very grouchy man." And she replied, "Are you talking to Daddy?"

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Little Sister Syndrome

My sister Linda and I are five and a half years apart. And there was not a day growing up that she didn't tell me how bratty I was. To this day, she rubs it in, I mean tells me, the story of how I would hoard things. Our Papa would buy us candy and I would watch my sister eat hers until it was gone. When I knew she was done, I would whip my candy out and eat it slowly in front of her. I guess I couldn't help myself - maybe a little control issue? Last night, I could hear my own mother's voice cursing inside my head "I can't wait until you have kids". Well her wish finally came true, when I experienced this same scenario with my daughter. Tic Tacs Vs. Gum. Brandon vs Gianna. Gianna placed her gum in a secret drawer. While Brandon was taking a shower, she snuck into his room and ate the entire (except for three) plastic container of Tic Tacs. Now, if I was her, I would have hidden the fact. But NO! Not her. She joyfully skipped, with plastic colorless box in hand, to the shower, where Brandon unexpectedly was waiting her demise! Needless to say, he was upset. And it all came flooding back to me, how my poor older sister had to deal with her little sister!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Beyond Skin Deep

Words cannot come close to scratching the surface of my soul. Last night was incredible, amazing, fun, sad, uplifting, moving and full of gratitude. How can one even come close to describing a group of women coming together for one person? A group of women, from all walks of life, but yet working side by side, to accomplish one goal. There was so much love in one room, I actually got choked up a little bit. I felt that familiar lump in my throat and I knew if I paid attention to it, I just might break down into that "ugly cry." We raised $1302.00 in just two hours for our friend and sister Shannan who is battling Leukemia. AMAZING! There was so many incredible thoughts and words of encouragement that were sent out to Shannan. I just know that if I were in her shoes (which I'd have to squish into, since I wear size 11), I would walk in the knowledge that I was not in this alone. And I just have to say that you women are awesome! We have the capability to kick it into overdrive when one of our sisters are hurting. We can get past what is skin deep, look beyond the surface, and get down to need.

Back to School Fright

When I was little, I always loved the back to school nights. It gave me a chance to show my mom all my hard work, my desk, and the little seeds that grew in the Clover milk carton. As a parent, it is a whole different ball game - I see it with different eyes now. Last night, I was surrounded by questions that didn't matter and parents that bragged about their four year olds reading an encyclopedia. "Listen hear!" I wanted to shout. "I don't care that your little Tommy can read. Do you want a gold star? Or how about I just slap you in the back of the head?". Okay, so I know that was mean to say... but I don't think a back to school night should be a time of bragging rights in front of a group of adults. But secretly I was looking at my own children's work, notating in my mind, that they were the best! Didn't mean I had to shout it out loud or post it on a billboard!

Monday, September 15, 2008

No Mom... I Didn't

Why do kids always think we won't find out? They always test the boundaries - even if those boundaries are edged with poison oak. If I haven't said it a million times, I will say it again...Don't go in the creek. And the answer I always get back is... I won't. Even though I see it with my own eyes, Brandon will still deny that he even went within inches of the creek bed. But the truth will prevail, even at its darkest hour - like 5:00am. His scream this morning pushed me out of bed as I scrambled like Helen Keller to get to his room. I walked across the hallway, arms out in front, using braille as my guide. I finally got to his room to find that he could barely open his own eyes. He was itching from head to toe. I spent this morning at the urgent care trying to subdue the "itchies". The doctor asked, "Has he been near poison oak?" Brandon's reply (not looking at me)... "Well, maybe." Well, that was sure a different story on Sunday when I asked him the same question. But sneakiness always has a way of revealing itself - even with swollen red eyes!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Tower of Terror

The glass elevator looked so inviting. Yes! Finally a nice hotel. Holiday Inn Express here I come. Believe me- I've had my share of shady hotels. This past summer I stayed in one where a murder took place. I can tell you that if I would have known that before, I wouldn't had stayed. Needless to say, I get happy with the small things in life - a glass elevator. I anxiously pressed the up arrow, excited to get inside its glass windows to see the view of L.A. The doors opened and invited me in. They shut and I was transformed into a whole new world. It was like I was in a gas chamber in a concentration camp. It must have been a 150 degrees inside! I could have survived that, but the worst was its stench of fart. I could only imagine myself clawing at the glass, gasping for pure clean air. I finally was rescued as the doors hesitantly opened to let me out of my prison. Why? Why fart in an elevator people? Well, I found that answer on my own. Because it takes you 1 hour in LA traffic to go 4 miles. And from personal experience you never want to get the unexpected poo cramp while sitting in traffic because you have no where to go! By the time you get to the hotel, your body's instinct knows that you are almost there to be rescued by the porcelain bowl. Your body has no other choice to just let it all go! Thus, the Tower of Terror!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


I am so overwhelmed with so many emotions as I write this blog today. A gnawing depth of sadness that I can't shake, gratitude for my life, a thankfulness for dear and real friends, helplessness beyond my own understanding, and a voice within me that wants to just cry out and wail. Why? Why does one of my friends have to have leukemia? It hurts. What is the message? I have had so many other friends email their thoughts and I weep as I read them. Because it is such a deep understanding between women. We are mothers, wives, and friends, and we feel for those women around us that are hurting. We are able to put ourselves in their shoes and say What if it was me? What about my husband? What about my children? I go back to yesterday's blog and am renewed with the promise that there is Hope. Even though we can't see it through the pain right now, I know there is grace in it all. To know that as women we can lift one another up,without even question, is a blessing. Please pray for my friend Shannan and her family. Please pray for the women around her that we will know how to love and comfort her at this painful moment in life.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Infinite Grace

The Women of Faith conference this past weekend was so good. I love going to these conferences...1. to get away with friends 2. to learn something about yourself 3. to know you are not alone 4. to renew yourself 5. to survive a whole other year until the next conference! Infinite grace was the theme this year. Boy, did I need that! Have you had those moments when you don't know why you are going through those hard times? What is the purpose? You beat yourself down and feel so unworthy? But as we go through them we have a connection with God and those people that He brings into our lives. We build our character and our stories in life can be shared with those that are going through those same stories. That is how I see my life. Would I be the person I am today, if I didn't go through hard times. Would I have the same compassion and empathy toward people if I hadn't gone through those? Our human minds cannot grasp the understanding of WHY? We may not know in the moment, but later could be blessed with the infinite grace that somebody learned from your life. It is in what we say or do, what we live for and how we make others feel around us. I'm looking forward to using my stories to encourage those around me - YOU GOTTA LAUGH THRU LIFE!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Weekend Fun

Wednesday night, Tina and I headed for L.A, the car filled with deli sandwiches, Old school cd's, and expectations. A seven hour car ride with a friend seems like a blink of an eye. We finally made our destination-Tasha's house. I got to sleep in the Superman room since I felt like a superhero, since we made it to L.A in the dark and all in one piece. Thursday morning we skipped on to Disneyland. I swear that God made that day just for us. You know that there is a God, when you can walk right on all the rides without a wait. It couldn't have been anymore perfect, if I planned it myself! I have to say I'm getting a little old. Don't tell anyone! I never thought I'd get sick on some of those roller coasters. But I did it. Tower of Terror was so much fun - laughing and screaming at the unexpected. I came off Splash Mountain, looking as though I'd taken a shower with my clothes on. If Tina could have worn a hairnet she would of! But that's why I love her so dearly. Friday and Saturday we went to the Women of Faith conference, which was the whole reason why we went there in the first place. I have so many stories to share that I will have to do one daily. Thanks Tasha and Tina for one of the best weekends I've had!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The Dreaded Costco Shop

This past weekend, Justin informed me that we had to do a Costco shop. "We only need the basics", he tells me. Well, I know how that goes..... $350.00 later! It's like I sit all day at work to blow my entire paycheck in one 2 hour shopping excursion. Seriously, I hate shopping and I hate Costco even more. My heart beats faster, just thinking about it. So, I figure since I spend so much money there, they might as well feed my whole family lunch. The kids love it. Where can you shop and try tons of samples as you walk along the aisles? So, Gianna goes up to one table and puts her hands at the edge. The table moves forward and the old lady, dressed in her checkered apron with matching hairnet, starts yelling at her. "This is the third time today this has happened! Don't put your hands on the table!" Listen lady, if you don't like your job, Prada hairnet, or children, don't work here. I'm sorry you hate serving thousands of people a day with one little toaster oven, but don't take it out on my kid. It's not her fault. But I don't say any of those things except for this....."Maybe you need a stable table.....Mable!" I cracked myself up and even both kids cracked up! You should have seen the lady's face......priceless!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Baby's Got Back...........pain

Last Monday, (on the first day of school I might add), I was making the bed. As I tucked in the bed, I got the most excruciating pain in my lower back that radiated down both my legs. Needless to say, I couldn't move, and laid in a fetal position on top of the bed, which seemed like forever. I drove the kids to school that morning and walked them to class, which looked like I had a stick up where the sun doesn't shine. But I got them there! Why couldn't I have hurt my back heroically? Like on Half Dome? Or jumping out of a two story window to save someones life? Making a bed? Come on now! I am truly old and I am sounding like my mother more and more these days. But I must say, I am filled with gratitude this morning because I am finally feeling better - a whole week later. Ahhh the simple things in life! I never took notice of how much I loved my back, until it was hurting. The pain was so consuming and it literally exhausted me. I'm back in business this week with a whole new attitude. Thank God because Disneyland here I come. I'll see Mickey on Thursday with my friends/sisters Tina and Tasha. Even if my back still hurt, I would have taken a wheelchair. Who knows? I would have gotten on the rides faster!