Thursday, April 23, 2009


I've been holding my breath for months now! Life has been a roller coaster, full of ups and downs. Just when I think its okay to let go at the top, no one can hear me scream on my way down. I've feared turning the corner, shutting my eyes, afraid of what is around the bend. And finally, I have found beauty around the cancer corner. My friend Maile found out that her melonoma did not spread into her lymph nodes! Thank God. It seems that cancer has been the theme of my life the past couple of months. I don't want to answer my phone at night because I'm fearful of who is on the other end and the news that they are about to share. But, having so many friends, that are battling this demon, has put life into a new category. Live your best life. Make love matter. Don't sweat the stupid crap! Live it the way God intended! And just breathe!

Thursday, April 2, 2009


I packed my entire backpack on Saturday for our 20 mile hike. However, I couldn't seem to find my wool socks that are a definite must on such a long trek. I thought that maybe I had misplaced them in my husbands sock drawer. Sure enough, there was a pair. I was certain they were mine. So I took them. Well....lets go back to my husband's childhood...lets say...about 20 years ago when the flannel shirts were a fad. Apparently, my husbands two sisters use to take his flannel shirts without asking. Taking his socks (on accident, I must emphasis) put him back to when he was a teenager! "Don't go in my drawers without asking! Why can't I have anything of my own? Where are your own socks?" Well, lets see..... I thought those were my socks because I took them. If I knew were my own were, I wouldn't have used yours! Duh! He kept pressing me...wanting to know where my wool socks were. "Why? Why do you want to know so bad," I replied with my jaw clenched tighter then Fort Knox. "Because I want to wear them on my hiking trip,"he replied! Did I miss the bus somewhere along this road of conversation? I can't wear his stuff, but he can wear mine? I'll give him a the head!