Friday, August 28, 2009

I Just Love Him!

I was always that type of kid that was every one's friend in school. To think of it..I'm pretty much that way as an adult too. I never really was a part of a main group at school. I always felt bad for those kids that didn't have a lot of friends. I guess, maybe, that's why Brandon is the way he is. He came home from school the other day and said he felt bad for this kid in his class. "Mom. He doesn't wear the type of clothes everyone else does. And he pretty much wears the same thing. No one wants to be his partner in class and no one wants to play with him at P.E. But I told him I would be his partner and so I played with him." I told Brandon that is one quality that I love about him..his empathy and compassion. "Brandon, you are so amazing! Do you know how you made that kid feel by doing something so simple as that!" I looked over at Brandon and I knew he understood his impact. He had big tears that settled right underneath his bottom lid and said, " I know, Mom. I feel sorry for him. That's why I did it!" Gosh, I just love that little guy.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Broken Prayers

The kids and I were driving on our street, when I saw this cat that just didn't look right. After further investigation, I noticed the cat was bleeding out of every part of its face. It must have gotten run over by a car, but was still walking around in a daze. Sadly, I called several places in our area and nobody could help. Feeling hopeless and disgusted with our Community, I crawled under a big bush, in my work clothes and high heels. I captured the injured cat and drove his little battered body to the vet. As the kids and I were leaving, Brandon said, "Mom...I prayed for that cat. I prayed that he would be okay." Knowing well enough that this kitty was beyond survival, I said, "Well..sometimes God doesn't always answer our prayers, the way we think He should. Sometimes, He just uses us to help. Maybe God brought us to the cat, so that he wouldn't suffer anymore." Tears ran down Brandon's face. It is such a hard lesson to learn that some of God's answer to our prayers is a simple..No. And to most of us (especially a nine year old) it just doesn't make sense.

Friday, August 7, 2009

The Mind Of A Six Year Old

It was 7:59pm and 59 seconds. To be honest, I was done being a parent for the night and I was so ready for the animals, I mean "darling children" to go to bed. I tucked them in, wishing that I had slipped them a little benadryl, to help them sleep better - which I would not do, for all those astonished mothers out there. Anyways, I got cozy on the couch, nestled my bowl of strawberries and whip cream on my lap, preparing my mind to slow down. And I heard it. WHAAA! WHAAA! WHAAA! Frustrated I got up and walked to Gianna's room. "What's wrong" I asked, pretending that I was concerned. "I don't want to grow up" she cried with the biggest tears I have seen! "Why are you worried about that?" "Because", she replied. "I don't want to drive!" "Well, " I said, trying hard not to laugh. " You won't be grown up for a long time. You don't have to worry". I hugged her. "How many days?" she asked as she wrapped her tiny fingers around my neck. "Thousands upon thousands" I said as I kissed her wet chubby face.