Friday, March 28, 2008


Picture it. Driving down 101, brisk sunny morning (the type of morning when you wish you didn't have to work) and suddenly BRICK HOUSE comes booming out of my stereo. I just can't help myself as I turn it up. My head starts moving, my hands have a mind of there own and I'm dancing alone... in my red minivan. But here's the thing - this song is my favorite. I am convinced that when I'm on my death bed, play this song, and I will be resurrected! Have you ever heard the phrase.. Dance like no one is watching? But does Rochelle really care who is watching? Hell no girls! I'm comfortable in my own skin, even if it is flapping under my arms, as I get down with myself in the family van. I have dance fever... and I have a mind of my own to hire a DJ soon just so I could go dancing. I have no more weddings to go to, since all my friends are married. Maybe I'll divorce so I could get married again.. just for the party. I love the feeling of freedom to just dance. I don't care that I'm not good at it either. I just love to bust a move. Girls... we need to get out and dance whether someone is watching or not!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

OH, The People That We Meet

For the love of the Lord! Can't I go anywhere without it taking forever? Yesterday, I took some time to go shopping for my hiking boots (Half Dome here I come) and what was suppose to take an hour, took me almost two. Why? Because I met about six people along the way. I wasn't even out the door when I met mister motorcycle CHP man. He was outside, parked on his bike, waiting to catch the next speeder. We struck up a 15 minute conversation. Then off to REI, where I met Zac the shoe salesman. I found out he played basketball for a college in Santa Cruz, he's 23, and has a girlfriend. Then I met an older couple with grandchildren, who gave me advise on resoling my shoes. Two ladies sat across the way, where we talked about good healthy recipes and the best type of protein for your body. What is it? I asked myself as I got into my car. And I came to my own conclusion.. we all have stories. It's just that we are so busy in our lives that we never stop to listen. And in the meantime... I made each one smile at the end of the day. Oh, the people that we meet!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

What you don't know... Sometimes Hurts

"Mama? I'm I doing good at the doctors?"
"Yes, honey! You are doing such a great job."
"Are we done yet?"
"Almost. " So my nose just grew about 3 feet because I "accidentally" forgot to tell my four year old that she was getting four shots. I hate that part about motherhood. I think I would rather get a root canal without a numbing aid then to see my kid in pain. And my bear claws came out when the nurse came in and said she has no one to help her give the shots -they were going to have to do it one at a time. So, I wave my hand in the air like a ghetto diva and say" Oh no you di int, just say that!I will wait until you get another nurse to help you." I just lied to my little girl and now we have to prolong the agony? So, I wait another 20 minutes for the other nurse to help. Gianna hugged my neck so tight (I thought I was gonna pass out) they did all the shots, at once and then it was over. She cried, but she was so proud of herself that she was brave. And I carried the burden and guilt all day that I didn't tell her the truth from the start.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Happy Birthday Kyndel!

Wasn't it just yesterday, that you were born? I could swear it was! You had the sweetest little spirit and still do. I can't believe that my niece is five years old already( and you know when you start saying that... you are getting old!) She is the only five year old that I know that can actually get a job at Starbucks. She can order a soy lotte .... with no foam please! Where does she come from? She is also like the energizer bunny, she just keeps going and going. But when she is done, she's done. She is like Dorothy from the Wizard of OZ, walking through the field of flowers, and suddenly she is in Dreamland. She can sleep through anything, like six of her cousins running around her screaming, and she literally doesn't move. But watch out people! Lock your bedroom doors! Because this little girl - loves clothes! She is like a runway model and if you let her, she will change clothes 50 times a day. She is also a little peanut! I'm not sure how she survives on eating nothing all day..... except candy if you let her. Happy Birthday Kyndel! I love you!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Spring Clean - Let it ALL go

Have you ever asked yourself.... SELF? Why am I keeping all this clutter? Am I really going to fit in these pants that I have been holding on for two years? Do I really need these knick knacks that are collecting dust? And then on a whim we pack them up in a glad bag and send it off to the Goodwill. Oh what a feeling! (i'm busting out in the Flashdance song as we speak!). We feel so organized, free, and clean. So, my resolution is to spring clean my heart. In the same way, I need to get rid of the things that are holding me down - the hurt, the anger, the pain, the pride. And what better time to do that but - Now! During Easter. Where I can just lay it all down at the foot of the cross - surrender it all. Because that is the real truth about why we celebrate this holiday. Christ taking it all on - Him carrying the cross for us, taking the things we lay down before Him. And that is a free and clean feeling! I find that when I do that, my hands and heart are free to love myself and others around me. It is a JOY that can not be explained. Happy Easter everyone - and start spring cleaning!

Monday, March 17, 2008


On a Cloverdale night, at the local corner pub,
Some gals went out for some drinks and some grub
Not just for any ol' reason - It was time to celebrate
Our little Pam Johnson was turning 48
Until she found out she was completely wrong
She really was 47 - She is such a Ding Dong!
We talked about kids and what was on the tube
We spoke of our bodies and our sagging boobs
The friendships in that room are like a fine wine
They only get better with love and through time
So raise your glass to Pam - She is so nifty!
Next year we will celebrate when she turns fifty.

P.S. pictures will be posted later - computer problems!!

Friday, March 14, 2008

Moldy Hot Dog

Yesterday, I am sitting on the bleachers, watching the longest baseball practice in history. I'm thinking, "What the hell? These boys are eight. It isn't the World Series."So, I might as well make the best of it.I strike up a conversation with another mother that is sitting there.And if you know me well enough, I can make a friend with a brick wall.We start talking about motherhood and how hard it is.Are we doing things right?How will our decisions today, effect them tomorrow?As mother's we work ourselves in a frenzy and sometimes we work on guilt because we want to do the best job for our children.It is so hard to just live in the moment with our kids because we worry about way too much. So, we finally get home and now it is bedtime. For the past couple of months, I have been dreading.... THE TALK. Good Ol' Puberty.I bought a book awhile ago and have just been waiting for the right moment.And as it turns out - last night was it. My eight year old son and I start reading the book together and then as we turn the page, here comes. . .the damn illustrations!And I'm thinking, here we go! The book is explaining peach fuzz on your privates and shows a drawing of how pubic hair grows. Just as it starts getting strangley uncomfortable, Brandon say, " That looks like a hot dog with moldy hair on it" What a way to break into laughter and forget the uncomfortable feeling that was looming. I thought to myself, this is it. This is where you don't know if what you said was right or wrong. Or how this conversation will play out in years to come - But my son and I just lived in the moment of laughter.And Brandon?Never tell a girl you have a moldy hot dog - that's call gonnerhea!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Pink Sky. Blue Heart Yesterday was Nonnie's birthday. And even though she hasn't been on this earth for a couple of years, our family still remembered her day. The most bittersweet conversation happened last night. Justin, the kids, and I went for our nightly walk. The sky was the most beautiful pink I have ever seen. It was one of those moments that literally takes your breath away. The kids asked why the sky was so pink. I told them it was because God painted it pink for Nonnie's birthday - that He always remembers our birthday. And then we walked on. When we got home.......

Gianna: Did Nonnie die?
Me: Yes, she did.
Gianna: Why do people die?
Me: Because when you get old your body gets tired.
Gianna: When will you be old?
Me: A long time.
Gianna: Will you die?
Me: Yes, someday.
Gianna: Who will be my mommy when you die?
Me: I will always be your mommy.

When it was time to go to bed, I could of swore that she hugged my neck tighter. Or maybe it was just my heart that was stuck in my throat. So for all my friends that are mothers, for my own mother, my mother in law, and all those who have mothered me growing up - thank you. Thank you God for giving us the best gift - the unconditional love from our children.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Snow Angels

Don't let these cute little faces deceive you! They may be cute, but they are monsters disguised in cute little bodies and sweet raspy voices. God makes these little creatures adorable, that way you forget how hard they really are - and in that one moment of weakness you shout out to your husband " Let's just have one more" . But men being the ones who never help with these little bundles of joy - shout out " HELL NO!" And then after our moment of weakness passes, we thank God that our husbands are sensible (and lazy). At the end of Febuary our whole family (8 adults and 7 children) went to Tahoe and shared a house in the snow. There were moments I wished I was a Stolpa, lost in the snow by myself. There were times I would have rather had frost bite then share a house with 7 kids under the age of 8. But that is what memories are made of. Brandon and my neice Jaedyn took ski and snowboarding lessons. Watch out Peekaboo Street! Jaedyn was pretty darn good on those bunny slopes. Brandon was like Tony Hawk on a snowboard. Gianna loved to go sledding until she went over a huge bump and flew off like a rag doll. My favorite part? Putting snow gear on the kids for 2 hours for the 15 minutes of fun in the snow!

Friday, March 7, 2008

The Big Give

Okay ladies... before you get all excited and think that The Big Give is the best orgasm you have ever had... think again! I'm talking about the biggest Give God has ever given to me - my friends. This week I have been extremely sick and feel like I have been drowning in my own germs. I feel like when I am out in the world, people don't recognize me as a human being. But God sure knew what He was doing when He chose the people who would enter my life. I am so filled with gratitude when I think about all of you. To my friend Heather, who forced me to go to the emergency room. You know you are a true friend when you can take your bra off in front of her and she doesn't laugh at your drooping speed bags. To Heather's mom, Annie, who brought me soup with lots of meatballs. To my friend Elena, who loves my kids (I think more than I do), and took them for a day so I could rest. To my friend Tina, who brought me 7 up and a pick me up of minestrone soup. And then Tina calls me today to say she is going to bring me dinner tonight. Do you know I just wanted to cry when she offered that? I feel so loved! To my sister Linda, who always thinks of others, brought me coffee at work. I am blessed beyond measure. And if I missed anyone, don't hold me accountable, my brain cells aren't working properly this week!