Monday, June 29, 2009


I'm back from one of the best trips ever! Can I get a WOOT WOOT for White Water Rafting? Loved it! It was exhilarating and scary, not knowing what to expect. The first 10 minutes when we got into the raft, I immediately wanted to tie an anchor around my ankle and just jump out - kill myself before the rapids got me! Our guide scared the crap out of me. He told us that if we did not work as a team, he would not send us out on the water and he was not comfortable with our rafting skills. Well...what did he know? The very first rapid, one of the other boats had a woman overboard and my friend Tina and I saved her out of the water. Talk about adrenaline rush. Take that...river guide! I loved the hot sun beating down, the rush of the warm breeze in my ears, and the shiver down my spine when the water came over me! I loved to hear Jackie screaming like she was on a roller coaster, Ann giggling like a five year old, Reyna saying funny comments just at the right time, Debbie smiling, and for Tina who was by my side the whole trip! It was funny because everyone called us the "church boat". But what they didn't hear was the "OH SHITS" that spewed out of my mouth, every time I got tossed about! Keep reading this week because I have some more stories to tell!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Scared Stupid

Tomorrow I leave for a great adventure of white water rafting. I have been looking forward to this for months! I believe it is a class four trip. There is 18 women total who decided to throw their lives on the line with me. Some of the ladies are scared to death. And to be honest with you, I haven't been scared one bit. The excitement of it all gives me an adrenaline rush! I can't wait to try something new and out of the daily routine of life. But I do have one fear, that is completely real to it is...true confessions.....can't you hear the drum's rolling?....It's getting my ass in a swimsuit! I hate every part of it! From the walking to the aisle of swimsuits, to the dressing room, to getting naked in a large unfamiliar room with mirrors enclosing around me! I settled on a pair of ugly brown swim board shorts...ugly as the way I feel when exposing my white cellulite legs. Isn't it funny, that I'm scared of stupid stuff like that, but can climb Half Dome, do a zip line, and raft on a class four? But to get me into a suit in public can literally make my heart race!

Monday, June 22, 2009


Mirror, Mirror, on the wall...when we look at tell us all! So, why don't some people actually look at themselves before they go out to a function? I know from personal experience that I do. For instance, this weekend I had a wedding to attend. So...I stood in front of the mirror and busted out my dance moves to the beat in my head. I lifted my hands above my head. Check...shirt didn't ride up. I squatted down. crack showing.... Bra..holding on tight. Okay...we are good to go! Call me crazy, but I want to be noted for my incredible dance moves...not for my stomach or underwear showing. Apparently, there were other girls at the wedding that did not do the mirror check. And word to the wise.......if you don't do "the check", at least bring an honest and sober friend, that will tell you if your nipple was showing!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Meet our new family member. Justin rescued him from the pound yesterday and surprised me by bringing him home.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Is Honesty The Best Policy?

I was woken up this morning by my husband shaking me quietly. "Rochelle. Shhhhh! I need you to come with me." Why? I asked, still thinking I was in a dream. "I need you to tell me if this is Oscar." What? Where? I was sure I was in a nightmare now. I climbed out of bed in my Christmas pajamas (in June), red tank top, no bra, and slipped on my flip flops. I followed Justin down the street and around the corner, to find our cat laying on the sidewalk. He was hit by a car and I was helpless. Justin placed our black and white kitty in a garbage bag and I walked back sobbing. What am I going to tell the kids? And when? I decided not to tell them this morning, they were just too happy when they woke up. I couldn't wreck that. I thought about not telling them at all and just telling them that he ran away. But I know Brandon would worry his little heart out. Death is a process of life and sometimes you just have to feel the sadness of it all. Although, I find as a mother, it's double the pain to see your children hurting!