Monday, August 2, 2010

Happiness Is...

Seeing friends you haven't seen in weeks and picking up, right where you left off

Hugging one another so tight that you never want to let go

Sitting in a huddle, celebrating friendship

Not waiting until its too late

Relying on friends to let you escape from your children - even if it's for 5 minutes

Holding hands and jumping into a pool with your clothes on

Getting into a hot tub that's way too small for 10 gals

Stripping down to your bra and comparing breast sizes

Laughing til it hurts

Talking one another into heart tattoo's

Not waiting until its too celebrate friendship and sisterhood

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Summer Life

I promise! I have not fallen off the face of the earth, but summertime seems just as busy as the school days. The kids have fallen into a routine of sleeping in until about 9:ooam. Which, I love because the babysitter comes to our house in the morning and I just have to get myself ready! I just finished coaching girls softball with Gianna's team. That was fun, but also challenging. 6 and 7 year old girls have the attention span of a show them how to catch a ball is very frustrating. I should have taken up drinking during that time! Brandon went to summer camp at Mt. Gilead - my old stomping grounds as a kid. He had the best time ever and he plans on going there every summer. Gianna just turned 7 and I have decided that her job should be with Merry Maids. She cleans my house everyday while she is home. Dumping garbage's, unloading the dishwasher, mopping, vacuuming, dusting. The list goes on and on! She bought a MP3 player with her birthday money and can sit in her room for hours...singing. I don't think she realizes that I can hear her singing through the door. I stand at the closed doorway, listening to her bust out with Miley Cyrus. Nothing much with me lately. I'm trying to figure out my next big goal. I was thinking a Triathlon, but I tried swimming in open water and thought I'd die. I guess like just have to do it a step at a time

Friday, June 11, 2010

All Star

My son is an All Star. His name is not printed on a piece of paper or etched in a $5.00 trophy that collects dust. His compassion and wisdom is etched in my heart. We just wrapped up the baseball season and with that comes the responsibility of the players to vote for the opposing teams players for THE ALL STARS! Brandon looked beyond the ability to catch a ball or to bat a home run. He decided to vote for a player who had a physical disability...a boy who limped around all the bases and got thrown out on first base every single time. Brandon said, "Mom, I voted for him because he had courage to even play. He had courage to run the bases with a limp, in front of everyone. To me that is an all star." God, I love that boy!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Crossing The Line

I crossed the finish line at 2 hours, 25 minutes, and 56 seconds. Although, the joy, the satisfaction, and the accomplishment can not be connected to a watch. The experience was physical, emotional, and spiritual. I did it. Whether if some finished in an hour and a half, the distance that we traveled was the same...13.2 miles. I discovered so much of myself, how much I could push myself, how far my body could go. It took a lot to get to that starting line and once I was there, the negative messages and thoughts that I have trained my mind to believe, were left there as the gun went off. I was now a long distance athlete-and I was going to finish even if I had to crawl. The first 2 miles, I ran on adrenaline. Although, I ran this race alone, it was the other runner's that encouraged me. It is a secret bond or club that you are initiated into, once you put that number on your chest. It didn't matter fat, skinny, old, or young...I knew what it took to be there and what it was going to take to finish. I found myself encouraging others too. What a great day!

Monday, April 26, 2010

The Count Down

May 2, 2010 seemed so far off in January, when I decided to run my very first half marathon. And now I only have 7 days left ! I'm super excited and scared at the same time. I'm sure if I sat long enough to count how many miles I've run in the past 4 months, I'd be close to 100. 5 miles here, 10 miles there. It's funny how I've always convinced myself that "I'm not a runner." And I would be lucky to run one mile without keeling over from a heart attack. But now I consider running 4 miles, "my short run". I'm excited about where I'm running too! Humboldt National Park. I just love being outdoors and I've decided that I'm not running with an ipod. I want to experience this whole adventure - the sights, the sounds, the smells, my heart pounding in my ears, my breathe synchronized with my footsteps. Although, I do have one hesitation about this whole running thing and that's going to the bathroom. It seems every time I run longer then six miles my bowels kick in! What's the deal with that? Can't it be simple? And since I've never run in any type of race, I don't really have a goal time.....I just want to finish what I started...even if I have to crawl across the finish line!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Cinderella Ride

April 10, 2010, I rode in my very first 100K bike ride -66.8 miles! I was invited by Brandon's teacher, who has become my friend and exercise partner while training for my half marathon. We woke up at 4:15am in the morning, loaded our bikes and we were on the rode by 5:00am. We made our way to Pleasanton, got signed in, and on our bikes by 8:00am. It was so chilly and the wind was blowing about 30 miles an hour. Some moments, I was sure I was going to be blown off the bike - but thank God-no falls! I'm not exactly sure how many women are in this ride, but I'd say at least 1000! Some dressed up in tutu's, funny helmets, and crazy socks. Next year, I think I'll wear my afro over my helmet. It was such beautiful scenery and tons and tons of hills. There was even a man at the top of one hill that would pop a lemon drop in your mouth because you barely had any saliva in your mouth. I think that was the hardest hill and all I could think of was my friend Shannan, who's birthday just happened to be the same day. When she was sick with Leukemia and 80lbs she rode her bike up a steep, steep, hill. I asked her why and she told me because she could. That moment got me up that hill. My buns and "other" parts got pretty sore and ended up ditching my underwear in a port of potty - word to the wise-don't wear underwear, they are useless! All in all, I felt challenged and that I could do anything that I push myself to do. Counting down to 3 weeks for my first half marathon!

Monday, March 22, 2010


My daughter is so much like me, but yet so different. I can make a friend with a brick wall and you have to hit her upside the head with a brick to make a friend. I decided that she needed to branch out in her social skills and signed her up for Spring League Basketball. However, it really isn't that easy...since I have to coach her team in order for her to feel comfortable enough to play. So Here We GO! Sunday was her very first basketball game and I swear it was the cutest thing I have ever seen . Gianna was running up and down the court and getting in front of her own players. And then the moment came. SHE HAD THE BALL! I was sick inside. What was she going to do with it? She grabbed the ball with both hands, took it down low, and did a Granny shot. Whoosh! Two points! Just like her mama...except for the Granny shot of course. The best part? She looked right at me and we had a silent moment together of pride!