Monday, April 26, 2010

The Count Down

May 2, 2010 seemed so far off in January, when I decided to run my very first half marathon. And now I only have 7 days left ! I'm super excited and scared at the same time. I'm sure if I sat long enough to count how many miles I've run in the past 4 months, I'd be close to 100. 5 miles here, 10 miles there. It's funny how I've always convinced myself that "I'm not a runner." And I would be lucky to run one mile without keeling over from a heart attack. But now I consider running 4 miles, "my short run". I'm excited about where I'm running too! Humboldt National Park. I just love being outdoors and I've decided that I'm not running with an ipod. I want to experience this whole adventure - the sights, the sounds, the smells, my heart pounding in my ears, my breathe synchronized with my footsteps. Although, I do have one hesitation about this whole running thing and that's going to the bathroom. It seems every time I run longer then six miles my bowels kick in! What's the deal with that? Can't it be simple? And since I've never run in any type of race, I don't really have a goal time.....I just want to finish what I started...even if I have to crawl across the finish line!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Cinderella Ride

April 10, 2010, I rode in my very first 100K bike ride -66.8 miles! I was invited by Brandon's teacher, who has become my friend and exercise partner while training for my half marathon. We woke up at 4:15am in the morning, loaded our bikes and we were on the rode by 5:00am. We made our way to Pleasanton, got signed in, and on our bikes by 8:00am. It was so chilly and the wind was blowing about 30 miles an hour. Some moments, I was sure I was going to be blown off the bike - but thank God-no falls! I'm not exactly sure how many women are in this ride, but I'd say at least 1000! Some dressed up in tutu's, funny helmets, and crazy socks. Next year, I think I'll wear my afro over my helmet. It was such beautiful scenery and tons and tons of hills. There was even a man at the top of one hill that would pop a lemon drop in your mouth because you barely had any saliva in your mouth. I think that was the hardest hill and all I could think of was my friend Shannan, who's birthday just happened to be the same day. When she was sick with Leukemia and 80lbs she rode her bike up a steep, steep, hill. I asked her why and she told me because she could. That moment got me up that hill. My buns and "other" parts got pretty sore and ended up ditching my underwear in a port of potty - word to the wise-don't wear underwear, they are useless! All in all, I felt challenged and that I could do anything that I push myself to do. Counting down to 3 weeks for my first half marathon!