Thursday, August 28, 2008

Throw Them To The Wolves

Like changing schools and starting Kindergarten isn't hard husband, the leader of the wolves, dropped MY kids off at school on Tuesday. I guess I have to be a little more specific. "Okay, dear. When you get to school...park your car. Get out. Take your children out of the car. Give them their backpacks and lunches. Walk to their classrooms. Make sure they see their teacher. Get them settled" But, oh no! I didn't tell him that. So instead, on the second day of school, he practically pushes them out of a moving vehicle. He might as well have accelerated his Hyundai as he passed through the school circle, pushing the kids out an open back window. What the hell? I swear men don't think. Brandon told me Gianna got lost and couldn't find her class. Of course, crying throughout the whole thing.Thank God for Brandon, who brought her to his classroom and asked the teacher for help. I'm thinking to myself.. Self? Why would my husband think it would be okay to drop a just five year old off in the middle of a big school? Why not just throw her in a pool without floaties and let her drown? Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus. Or should I say, Women think with their heads, Men think with their Penis!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Sweet Aroma of the First Day of School

Yesterday our household woke up to the sweet smell of a crisp morning. I hugged each kid good morning and could smell their freshly washed hair. I love that smell and I could just bury myself in their locks of bedhead. I helped them get dressed in there freshly washed clothes - Brandon in his rock star shirt - Gianna in her little pink tank top. I love how a little dryer sheet leaves its whisper behind. We could hardly sit down at the breakfast table, the excitement of the first day of school was just to much to bear. Fresh coffee brewed and pinched me into reality - my babies are growing up! I opened the fresh loaf of bread, its newness and comfort, nudging at my heart. It brought me back to when I was little and how excited I was on my first day of school. The kids opened up their backpacks and stuffed their lunch boxes in. I love the sound of a new zipper buzzing in my ears. We got into the car and set off for our first day. We talked about making new friends, field trips, and teachers. We got to school and Brandon was off to his class - I bent down and kissed his minty lips. I walked Gianna to her class with a lump in my throat. She didn't care! She was off and running. I could taste my sweet and salty tears as I let my last baby go!At the end of the day I asked them both what they did on the first day and they told me.....NOTHING! Leave it to kids!

Friday, August 22, 2008

We Will Miss Lavon!

Today is another milestone for Gianna - it is her last day of daycare/preschool. You have to understand that Lavon has been a big part of our family's life for four years. I think I'll miss her more than Gianna. How do you thank someone for taking care of your child for the last 4 years? I want to share with you, the poem that I framed for Lavon, along with a picture of both Lavon and Gianna together.

We entrusted our child to you,
It was hard to let go
She fell into your loving arms
And this is what I know

The gratitude we feel could never be measured
You had a part in shaping who she is,
And that will always be treasured

You guided her with a gentle hand
Wrapped her in your love,
We were given such a gift, from heaven up above

You loved her like your own, as the days turned into years
You became a part of her life’s journey
Through the laughs and through the tears

We love you Lavon!

Thursday, August 21, 2008


Okay! I got to get out of Cloverdale. Or better yet, this crazy world! The story continues from yesterday's blog. I shared my story with my sister-in-law, who can get information out of a turnip. It must be her beauty (whatever! I'm jealous). But she tells me that there is a porno guy, that rents out these great big houses, hires young people, and tapes his porno movies. Apparently, the night before, the penis "actors" drank a little too much and were vandalising the area around them. Monday morning, the police went to the SUPER 8 motel to arrest these guys (did you expect that they would be staying at the HILTON?). The one guy jumped out of the SUPER 8, second story window. Can I just say, porno man , "The sign says super eight, not superman!" And thus, that's where my friend and I come in. Aiding and abedding a porn star. How many years in jail do you think we would get? I feel a little better that he wasn't a murderer. Although, I'm sure they are not the best caliber of people to let ride around in your minivan with your children in the back seat. The police must have been nervous because you never know what type of porn star you are gonna get! I guess you can say, my friend and I, got a little porn in the morn!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

What If?

What if on Monday morning I had left five minutes earlier? Or what if I had left five minutes later? It could have made a difference of whether my friend remained dead or alive. There are no coincidences in life. She knew that she shouldn't have let the stranger in her car - she had that aching feeling. But being the woman that she is, she didn't want to seem mean. I pulled out of my driveway and I knew something was wrong when she stopped me. She said that this man hurt his foot and needed a ride to his friends house. He insisted. So I followed her, thinking it was going to be around the corner. We started driving into a remote area and I knew something was wrong. He noticed that I was following her and started to act weird. She finally let him out of her car. Later, she went to the police station because it just didn't sit right. They had advised her that she was lucky that she had someone follow her because that same morning they were in pursuit of him with a canine dog. They lost his trail. They wouldn't tell her why they were following him. God had His hand in this situation. He kept us safe! And I was ready to ram my cute little minivan into hers if I had to! I kept thinking, "I'm gonna have to close my eyes and accelerate!" But thank God, I didn't have to!

Monday, August 18, 2008


Okay... so I lied. Our last fun thing before school starts was our KOA camping trip this weekend. We set out late Friday with our travel trailer and met our friends Vicki and Shaan (they rented a KOA Kabin). There are so many things to do at a KOA for kids... petting zoo, hay rides, swimming, a fishing pond, arcade, spooky walks, karaoke, and the hokey pokey (which Julia stole the show). There really wasn't a lot of time just to explore or relax. RELAX! What's that? Maybe you should ask the men of our camp. Since they had the luxury of just hanging out while the women entertained and watched the children the entire time. Hillary Clinton was partially right when she said "It takes a village." But what she left out was that it takes a village of women. A village of women who can feed the children, get them dressed, keep them safe, and discipline them. You know you are great friends when you can yell at each other's children and not care. I think Vicki and I established that. "Don't do this! Don't do that! Why did you poop in the forest? Don't whine! You can't have that! Because I said. Because I said. Because I said." I know the kids had a blast, but I have to say... I really wanted to take a nap when we got home.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

It's A Zoo Out There!

Yesterday was the last big fun thing before school starts in a week in a half. My cousin Jenny and I decided to take the kids to the San Francisco Zoo yesterday. I kind of did it for selfish reasons too - to beat the heat of Cloverdale. I always think it is funny how I play these family outings in my mind - I work myself up. "It's going to be so fun! We'll pack our lunches and have a picnic. The animals will be so adorable. This will be such a learning experience!" But soon I am reminded (5 minutes into the car ride), that it is my children who are the ANIMALS! They fought like animals in the back seat. Gianna was scratching and pulling Brandon's hair. Brandon was yelling at her. I was praying, "Please Lord! Once I get to the zoo.... let a tiger escape and put me out of my misery!" I was half hoping there would be a cage that I could place my two kids in... just for a couple of hours! It turned out to be an good day in spite of their bickering. On the ride home, Brandon and Gianna talked about their favorite animals. Brandon loved the meerkates and the Wolf Spider. Gianna loved the lemurs and the flamingos. I loved the little squirrel monkeys. I'll have to post some pictures later, since we got home late last night.

Friday, August 8, 2008

It's been Hell. It's been Heaven. And it's only been Eleven

What can one accomplish in eleven years? I have accomplished to buy and sell two houses, push two children out of my body and into the world, keep the same job, and all with my husband by my side. I can't believe that tomorrow we have been married for eleven years. We met at church when we were only sixteen. I will always remember one of our first dates at the movies. He took me to see Arachnophobia. He was sly and so suave, as he slowly put his arm around my chair, as the spiders came creeping down the large movie screen. It took him months to kiss me and now I can't keep him off me! Love was so uncomplicated back then. It was so simple. There was no responsibility attached. And then we got married, bought a house, and had kids. We have had our struggles through the years and there were moments that I felt like walking away. Too easy! So we've endured life's ups and downs together. One of the first things I was attracted to was Justin's laughter. Laughter has kept us together when life has been too tense. I have learned many things through marriage - Patience, Patience...... have I mentioned Patience!? So, Happy Anniversary Justin! I'm looking forward to a good dinner tomorrow. And yes.... you may get a little dessert!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Change - I hate it!

The summer is almost over, which means the kids will be back to school. There is a time for everything and this year is a time for change. Brandon will be in 3rd grade and Gianna is starting kindergarten. We are sending them to a new school this year, which leaves my heart topsy turvy. I have woken up in the middle of night, waking God up at 2:00am in the morning, asking Him, if I am doing the right thing. So far, He hasn't bellowed down in a large voice telling me what to do. Sometimes, don't you wish it was that easy? God what to I do? And you actually can physically hear Him lay the plans out for your life! I hate not knowing, but that is where the trust and faith kick in. Not only are the kid's lives changing, but mine as well. I will be giving up a day off in the middle of the week, so that I can work shorter days and be with the kids after school. I am blessed to be able to do this, but still not sure of it all. We also just signed the papers to put our house up for sale. I don't think I can handle one more thing! I am so mixed up about everything. Should we move? Should we not? I love it here! I hate it here! I feel like someone has put me in a blender and has pushed the button on "tear you heart apart". All these decisions just don't affect me...but the kids as well. I'm sure I'll look back at this someday and feel okay about everything. But I sure hate the change when I'm in the middle of it!

Monday, August 4, 2008


Yesterday, my friend Heather, her little little girl, and Gianna and I, had a our first annual school clothes shopping trip. We started out bright and early in the morning - 8:30am. The first stop was Target. We bought all of Gianna's school supplies, including an adorable frog backpack and a $14.00 High School Musical Thermos. You should have seen the dressing room with two five year olds. It was like a hurricane came busting threw. I don't even think you could see the carpet on the floor. At one point, I didn't know who's clothes were who's. It was funny because both Heather and I were totally sweaty. No need to do step aerobics, just go shopping with two kindergartners! Then it was off to Old Navy. The music was loud, as if to say, "Don't pay attention to the prices, just buy, buy, buy!" I could feel the adrenaline rushing, along with the music, as I swiftly went through the racks. No Luck though! So we went to the mall to refuel at Fresh Choice. We ate way too much - I have to get my money's worth, you know! The shopping didn't seem to end. On, on, and on! Gianna is so funny though because she certainly has her own style. I have learned just to let her pick her own clothes because I know she will wear them. But all of her pants are plaid! Her teacher is going to think we got a deal in bulk with all the plaid we bought.